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Are Vibration Plates Good For Fibromyalgia

Are Vibration Plates Good For Fibromyalgia? Find Out Here

Can Vibration Plates Help Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a non-progressive body disorder that can affect your quality of life during day to day activities due to it affecting your overall muscle strength. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for patients with fibromyalgia but there are some therapy treatments such as whole-body vibration exercises which can help. For example, vibration therapy can ease pain symptoms as a low impact exercise due to the fact vibration plates cause rapid muscle contraction within the body. 

To find out more about whether or not a vibration plates might be useful as a treatment for Fibromyalgia with have put together an informative guide below that will give you everything you need to know.

Why Are Vibration Plates Helpful For Fibromyalgia?

Whole-body vibration plate therapy is still pretty new as a physical activity treatment for Fibromyalgia but has been praised by medical doctors as a great complementary exercise for helping patients who are in constant pain from Fibromyalgia. 

Additional studies have even shown the application of vibrations in patients to be even more effective for treating Fibromyalgia than traditional exercises. 

This is because unlike conventional methods of exercise whole-body vibration exercise is relatively low-impact and can increase physical function by contracting muscles at a rapid speed for stability while you stand on the body vibration platform.

As patients with Fibromyalgia often have poor balance this therapy also improves posture in muscle spasticity helping you live an overall better quality of life. 

We have listed some proven benefits of using a vibration plate for Fibromyalgia below. 

  • Helps with widespread pain and stiffness in the body. 
  • Improve fatigue levels and sleeping patterns. 
  • Improves flexibility. 
  • Better posture. 

As Fibromyalgia typically comes with debilitating body pain in some patients it typically forces people who have this disorder to live a more sedentary lifestyle, this can often lead to additional weight gain and even depression, so vibration therapy as an exercise can be beneficial to patients with Fibromyalgia in this case too. 

Main Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia 

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia or someone close to you does, then you probably already know what this disease is, but we will list the main symptoms of Fibromyalgia below so as you can see how power plates might be useful in improving them below. 

  • Fatigue – As whole-body vibration exercise engages the whole body it can improve energy levels in the same way traditional aerobic activities do. 
  • Poor muscle tissue and pain – Due to the continuous vibrations provided by the power plate this means a rapid contraction in muscle fibres improving stiffness and pain.
  • Poor balance – Women with Fibromyalgia often have a poor balance, so as the body vibration platform shakes you this forces your body to grow stability and posture memory. 

It is always best you consult your GP or general doctor before using a body vibration platform as a Fibromyalgia treatment so as you can be sure vibration units are right for your condition. 

Other Benefits Of Vibration Plates

Now we know that the use of a body vibration platform as an exercise for patients with Fibromyalgia can be beneficial and improve common symptoms of the disorder, you might be interested in learning about some of the other benefits that whole-body vibration therapy offers too. 

We have listed some more benefits of vibration plates below. 

Helps with Muscle Toning 

We already know that power plates can be great for helping muscle pain that comes with Fibromyalgia, but they can also be helpful in muscle toning. This is because holding certain positions on power plates for an extended period forces the muscles to grow stronger by putting pressure on them. 

If you want to tone certain muscles in your legs for example you would stand or even bend your knees on the vibration units. 

Can Aid Weight Loss 

It is proven that vibration plates can improve your metabolism in some people which helps you burn fat faster and lower body weight, the vibration units do this by forcing you to stabilise and balance yourself, in turn working your muscles and whole body. 

Improves Flexibility & Strength 

A body vibration platform is constantly causing your muscles to contract during exercise, helping them tone and build strength, if you perform different stretches and movements on your vibration units they can also help improve overall flexibility in your body. 

Promotes Better Blood Circulation 

Whole-body vibration therapy vibrates all the muscles in your body which can help to promote blood circulation due to them enlarging every capillary in your body which in turn improves the healing time of your muscles after a workout and helps the body to remove metabolic waste from its system as well as deliver. 

What To Look For In The Best Vibration Plate For Fibromyalgia 

If you have decided that investing in a vibration plate is a good idea to improve your general quality of life and help your Fibromyalgia then you need to ensure you are getting the right type of vibration units on the market that will give you the best whole-body vibration therapy. 

We have bullet-pointed the top features to look out for in your new vibration plate for your Fibromyalgia treatment below to help you out. 

  • Type of vibration – Body vibration devices do come with different applications of vibration depending on the type you buy. Some body vibration platform models operate with oscillation acceleration which means the plate has a see-saw motion and is great for mimicking walking. Other models might use a tri-planar platform that rise the plate of the device up and down like small jumps, these tend to be better for improving body balance and are great for muscles, so might be the best choice for Fibromyalgia. 
  • Size of vibration plate – It is very important to ensure that your platform during vibration will be big enough for you to perform different styles of whole-body vibration training on, check the dimensions beforehand so as you can be sure you know the size you will be getting beforehand. 
  • Intensity levels – When using your vibration plate for physical therapy you need to make sure its intensity has a large enough range, this intensity of the amplitude of vibration is typically measured in Hertz, so the higher the Hertz the more intensity you will be getting during whole-body vibration training. These typically range between 15-60 Hz. 
  • Programmes – Different set programmes that come with your control unit will allow you to work in a variety of ways, the more options your plate comes with the better.
  • Warranty – No matter what, ensure that your vibration plates come with at least a one or two year warranty so as you can be protected in case your receive a faulty plate. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fibromyalgia & Vibration Plates 

Is there a cure for Fibromyalgia? 

No, it is sad to say that there is no cure for Fibromyalgia that is known, the only way the disorder can be eased is by various treatments such as the ability of vibration to work the muscles. 

What other exercises are good for Fibromyalgia? 

Other alternative treatment ideas than vibration for people with Fibromyalgia are walking, cycling and swimming, all of which are low-impact for the body. 

Can I use a vibration plate for Fibromyalgia if I’m not fit? 

Yes, it is always best to consult your GP first but due to vibration plates being very low-impact you do not need to be fit to use one, to begin with at a low intensity. 

What triggers Fibromyalgia? 

Fibromyalgia can be triggered by emotional stress and physical stress such as a viral infection or even an injury, the cure is unknown.

What are some benefits of vibration plates for people with Fibromyalgia? 

Some benefits of using a vibration plate for Fibromyalgia include; better fatigue scores, nutrient delivery, better balance in women, stronger bone tissue, less overall pain. 

Do vibration plates help with bone density? 

Yes, if you have suffered a loss of bone tissue and bone mass then a vibration therapy plan can help improve overall bone mineral density and build up bone loss over time, this is why astronauts are often taught to use vibration plates to combat bone mass loss in space. 

Are vibration plates better than conventional exercise for Fibromyalgia? 

The vibratory stimulus for patients with Fibromyalgia is said to be better than most conventional exercises due to how low-impact it is and the way it works the muscles in a short period. 

Last Words 

To conclude, vibration plates have been proven to be beneficial to patients who suffer from Fibromyalgia through clinical trials and further additional studies, they can improve symptoms such as muscle pain and help with balance in women and they can also aid weight loss as well as improve overall sleep in users. 

We recommend always consulting your GP or doctor for advice about using a vibration plate for your Fibromyalgia beforehand to be on the safe side. 

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine Sinclair

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