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Reviber Plus Vibration Plate Review 2022 – 2023

Reviber Plus Vibrating Plate Exercise Machine With Stand

reviber plus vibration plate reviews

This vibration exercise machine has received high praise and the Independent on Sunday has raved about the Reviber’s “impressive results” and “value for money. Read on to discover more.


The Reviber exercise machine uses oscillating technology to give you a more complete workout.  This added oscillation won’t make the exercise feel more difficult, but it will actually be working your muscles at 1800 oscillations per minute at its highest speed and so in just ten minutes your lower body will have had a really effective workout without any added pain or suffering.

Resistance bands

Vibration machines are great for working on your lower body, but this can leave you lacking in upper body strength. The Reviber comes with resistance bands that you can attached to your arms and strengthen your upper and lower body at the same time for a more complete and effective workout. Some people like to concentrate on their lower body but it’s important to work all your muscles if your overall fitness level is going to increase, and plus stronger arms can make every day tasks like lifting heavy items or opening jars a piece of cake.


The Reviber comes with an attached monitor which you can use to easily control the speed of your workout. It will also come with a remote control so you can control the machine whilst in the middle of an exercise, and the display will also show you how long you have been exercising and what speed you are working with. It also includes adjustable programs that you can use to work on specific fitness goals.

Other features

  • This machine has a 31.5 stone capacity, so anyone who weighs less than that may use the machine.
  • The Reviber has a reasonable 500W power output.
  • This product can vibrate up to 1800 times per minute, which is 900 per side!


Features:  Oscillation technology – Optional Resistance Bands – Easy to use Display – 500W power output – Can vibrate up to 500W per minute.

Pricing: Mid range/High-end.

This is a slightly more expensive machine that may not be suitable for those of you on a budget, but when you consider how much money you would save from a gym membership it will soon start to pay for itself. The oscillation technology and resistance bands will give you a more complete and thorough work out, whereas the easy to use display will make it easier to get to grips with and control your Reviber vibration plate machine. This product comes highly recommended from sources like the Independent, the Sunday Mirror and Wedding Planner, and it has been endorsed by medical professionals. If you are looking for a budget buy you should look elsewhere but if you are looking for a quality product that can deliver long term results you may just have found what you are looking for.


Reviber plus vibration plate review

Regular exercise when it is combined with a healthy diet can do wonders for your figure, your health and your well being. Exercise doesn’t just help you trim the pounds, but it also helps increase your muscle and decrease your body fat (which in turn will increase your metabolism and will help you burn calories with no extra effort), exercise can help improve your immune system and make you less susceptible to disease, and exercise can do wonders for your mood and stress levels.

How to incorporate more exercise into your life

Many people want to be more active but find it difficult to get started. Some people believe exercise has to be unpleasant and stressful and therefore they keep putting it off whilst others may want to work out but don’t have the time or confidence to join a gym. If you fall into one of these categories you’re definitely in the right place because vibration machines are a stress free, easy and fun way to exercise without putting unnecessary strain on your body.

Vibration machines also tend to be a little cheaper and less bulky than other types of gym equipment, so if you don’t want to join a gym it’s fairly easy to purchase your very own vibration machine which you can use in your own time in the comfort of your own house.

Vibration Plates

You may be a little sceptical about vibration machines, which is understandable as they sound almost too good to be true. The idea that you can sit or stand on a machine and lose weight without having to strain yourself doesn’t sound realistic, but that is how vibration machines work. When you get on the vibration plates and turn the machine on the plates will begin to vibrate. These vibrations make your muscles work overtime because the vibrations makes it harder to keep your balance and so your muscles have to contract and release in order to keep you upright.

This is a really easy way of losing weight and toning your body, and it also comes with a whole range of other health benefits. Vibration plates can help improve the density of your bones and help ward off osteoporosis, they can help you recover from injury and improve blood circulation, and they can do wonders for your sleep pattern and stress levels. As vibration plates are a low impact form of exercise that doesn’t require you to overly exert yourself they are especially ideal for those of you who are just starting to get fit or may find more intense forms of exercise difficult.

So which vibration machine should I buy?

If you want all the benefits of a vibration machine but you don’t have the time or confidence to join a gym, you are in luck because vibration plates are one of the easiest machines to buy for home use due to the fact that they tend to be smaller and cheaper then their alternatives. Today we are reviewing the Reviber Plus Vibrating Plate Exercise Machine With Stand, which is a really easy to use and effective vibration machine that will help you achieve your goals in no time.