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Gym Master Vibration Plate Review 2022 – 2023

Gym Master Vibration Plate

This impressive fitness machine comes with loads of fitness levels, a great monitor and even a free gym ball! Read on to discover more.

Speed levels

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The Gym Master vibration plate machine comes with 180 speed levels . This is a really good perk because even though you will probably start exercising on a lower setting you will improve fairly quickly and you’ll need to keep challenging yourself in order to see results. 180 speed levels is quite a lot for a vibration machine (many have between 50-100) and so you will be able to use the Gym Master for months and years to come.

The Gym Master also contains fitness programs that will focus on the specific goals you may have I.e weight loss or toning. These fitness programs can help you stay on track and give you exercise ideas so you can adjust and improve on your routine over time.

Watt power

The Gym Master has a powerful motor that has a peak of 3900 watts. It’s important to buy a vibration machine with a powerful motor not only because it will make the machine more versatile and help it run better, but because it will be able to handle heavier weights and it is is likely to run a lot quieter than a less powerful motor. This is because a powerful motor won’t have to exhaust itself when it runs at higher speeds, and therefore it can achieve a higher speed without getting noisy.


The Gym Master vibration machine includes a monitor which will display the fitness program you are using, the amount of time you have been exercising, your BMI and your speed.  You can also use this monitor to select the speed, the workout and to set your own goals.

Monitors are a really good feature on exercise machines because they help you keep track of your progress and they can keep you motivated. If you have decided to work out for 15 minutes a day, you will be able to see how long you have been working out for and how long you have left without having to count down from a clock or a timer on your phone. It will also show you your progress and how many calories you are burning as calculated with your BMI to keep you motivated and show you how much you are improving.

Extra perks

The Gym Master comes with power cords and a free gym ball to enhance your workout. Gym balls are a great way of incorporating sit ups and other exercises into your routine because they take some of the pressure off whilst still offering the benefits.


This machine comes with a 24 month guarantee that covers all parts and labour.  This means that if your Gym Master needs to be repaired or replaced within 24 months you will be able to get it fixed and replace any faulty components without additional costs. Guarantees and warranties are a great way to judge the quality of a product like this because the longer the guarantee is the longer the manufacturer believes the machine will last. There would be no point in putting a 24 month guarantee on a machine that’s likely to break within 6 months because the company would have to pay to get it fixed, so when a machine has a long guarantee it’s a good sign.

Other features

  • The Gym Master is made out of metal construction materials with non slip platform cover
  • This machine comes with elasticated power cords that you can use to tone your arms and get a full body workout.
  • The maximum weight for the Gym Master is 150kg, so anyone who weighs less than that can use the machine.
  • The Gym master harnesses anti-jamming and anti-static mechanisms to help it run smoothly.


Features:  180 Speed Levels – Powerful Motor – Fitness programs – Powerful and easy to use Display Monitor – Free Gym Ball – Elasticated power cords – Anti-jamming and anti-static – 24 Month Guarantee.

Pricing: Mid range/Affordable.

This is an impressive machine that is great for beginners and more advanced users alike. It has a lot of speed levels that will help you improve over time, it has in-built fitness programs that you can use to achieve your goals, it comes with extra perks like a free gym ball that you can use to incorporate sit ups and push-ups into your routine, and it has an impressive 24 month guarantee that will keep you covered for longer.


When you first decide to lose weight and/or improve your fitness your first thought may be to join a gym or go along to a couple of fitness classes. The gym can be really helpful and if you persist and follow an effective routine you will start to see results, but a lot of people find it hard to fit the gym into their busy lifestyle and some people may find the idea of working out in front of strangers intimidating, especially if they are new to fitness or just getting back into it after a long break. Fitness classes have the same drawbacks because whilst they are another great way of getting into shape they take up a lot of time and may not work for you on a personal level.

Gym equipment for home use

If you are too busy for the options above but you still want to improve your fitness levels you’ve come to the right place. Personal gym equipment is becoming more and more popular and it’s quite easy to see the appeal. You get all the benefits from your favourite machines without having to trudge into the gym and pay a monthly sum to use them, and you can work out in the comfort of your own home and watch your favourite TV shows or blare your favourite music without anyone judging you. Personal gym equipment can seem a little pricey outright, but keep in mind that most gyms require monthly membership and you’ll end up saving yourself money within a few months!


Deciding to buy your own gym equipment is a great first step into a healthier and more active lifestyle, but now you have to decide what equipment you want to buy. There are loads of options out there, but some may not be as appealing as others. The treadmill and other cardio machines do work and will help you lose weight, but they can also cause leg injuries, they make you very out of breath and can be quite unpleasant to use. They also may not be a great option for someone who is older and/or just getting into fitness because they could put you off quite easily. You’ll want a machine you can enjoy, one that you’ll use because you want to and won’t hate using. If the treadmill makes you want to run for the hills, why not invest in some vibration plates instead?

Vibration plates

The idea behind vibration plates is really simple. When you stand on the plates they will move/vibrate (either side to side or, in more complex machines, in multiple directions) and this will make it harder for your body to balance as the surface has become uneven. In order to keep your balance your body will contract and release your muscles, and over time this will help you build up muscle, burn calories and in turn lose body fat. You don’t have to do the hard work, in fact all you really have to do is sit, stand or use any of the many vibration positions that focus on toning and strengthening different parts of your body.

Vibration training also has long lasting health advantages that goes beyond losing weight.  Vibration machines can help increase your blood circulation (which will be beneficial for your heart, muscles, arteries and oxygen), they can help increase your bone density, they help improve your co-ordination and balance, they can make you more flexible and can even help you recover from surgery.