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Can A Vibration Plate Cause Diarrhea

Can A Vibration Plate Cause Diarrhea? Let’s Find Out

Is It Possible For a Vibration Plate To Give You Diarrhea?

Completing a vibration plate workout only to feel an urge to run to the toilet is not a pleasant feeling and might leave you wondering whether or not your vibration plate device caused the diarrhoea. 

While some effects of vibration machines can be negative, there is no side effect of diarrhoea, so it is unlikely your plate caused it. The only time your vibration plate might cause diarrhoea is from excessive vibration. 

So as you can find out why you might have got diarrhoea after using your vibration plate, the health benefits of using vibration plate machines and when not use one, we have composed a guide below with all you need to know. 

Why Did I Get Diarrhea After Using My Vibration Plate?

As we mentioned above, the chances of your vibration plate workout causing diarrhoea in your body after is very slim, most of the time it will be down to something you ate or viruses, bacteria or even a parasite. 

Certain medications you have been taking or artificial sweeteners can also trigger diarrhoea after your workout, the timing is most likely down to a coincidence, in some cases, however, it is possible in some cases with excess whole-body vibration it could potentially redistribute the blood flow from your intensives to your skeletal structure, triggering diarrhoea post vibration session. 

Matter of fact, vibration plates have been said to improve gut bacteria in the body by helping move glucose around, so might help diarrhoea rather than directly cause it.

To summarise below why you got diarrhoea after using your vibration machine we have bullet-pointed the most common causes below and explained them in further detail. 

  • You were chewing gum – Many people do chew gum while they work out and this can act as a laxative due to the artificial sweetener.
  • Dehydration – Dehydration can cause diarrhoea so ensure you are drinking enough water before and after your vibration session. 
  • Sickness – You might be suffering from an underlying sickness whether a viral or bacterial infection. 
  • Food – Eating something bad before you do vibration frequency exercise can trigger the onset of diarrhoea. 
  • Excess use – Using your whole-body vibration machines model for too long could potentially cause diarrhoea. 
  • Stress – On-going stress during a vibration workout and general lifestyle can increase the chances of diarrhoea. 
  • Using medication – You might not realise it but if you are taking medication this could be the reason for your sudden bowel movement after using your vibration plate. 

How To Prevent Diarrhoea Before Using Your Vibration Plate 

Even though it might be unlikely that your vibration plate caused the diarrhoea you had after your session, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can try implementing to prevent this from happening again in the future. 

  • Avoid warm liquids before your vibration sessions – Warm liquids do push food through your intestines faster, so it might be best to stick to cold liquids before using your device. 
  • Stop the caffeine before – Caffeine is a laxative stimulant, so try having your coffee after a session rather than before. 
  • Avoid high-fibre foods beforehand – Don’t eat very high fibre foods before your vibration sessions such as fruits or beans.
  • Stay hydrated – Dehydration can cause diarrhoea so you need to make sure you stay replenished before, during and after your vibration workout. 

As with all treatments and preventions, these tips for preventing diarrhoea after using your vibration plate machine will be hit or miss according to the individual and how their body responds, if your diarrhoea keeps on happening after using your device, we would recommend going to your GP and stop the sessions until further notice.

Vibration Plate Stomach Exercises

To give you some inspiration for working out your stomach on your vibration plate to improve digestion, we have listed a few stomach exercise you can try out on your machine below.

  • Standing abdominal.
  • Side plank.
  • Regular plank.
  • Classic crunch.

Benefits Of Using a Vibration Plate Machine 

Luckily, vibration plate machines do have a lot more health benefits than they do negative effects, so don’t let unexpected diarrhoea put you off from using a vibration plate machine. 

We have listed some of the positive health effects you can achieve by using a vibration plate regularly below. 

  • Helps your blood flow & immune system – Vibration frequency can improve blood circulation in your body and better oxygen flow which helps nutrients flow to every part of your body. These vibrations also allow your white blood cells to move around better which can, in turn, boost immunity. 
  • Can aid weight loss – Vibration plates can aid in weight loss and help boost your metabolism which in turn burns fat, when combined with a healthy diet this can result in weight loss. 
  • Muscles grow stronger and toned – Your muscles are constantly contracted while they try to hold stability on a vibration plate, this grows the muscles over time and increases their strength. 
  • Improves bone density – For someone who suffers from bone density loss, vibration plates can help rebuild bone mass with ease.
  • Helps with posture – Using a vibration plate requires you to hold your balance over a long period which in turn can improve your posture as you need to stand straight on the device. 

When To Avoid Using a Vibration Plate Machine

When suffering from any medical condition you need to ensure that you always check with your doctor beforehand if it’s okay to undertake vibration sessions, however, there are some known common conditions where even using bestselling vibration machines should be avoided at all costs. 

  • People who have hip or knee replacements. 
  • Pregnant women. 
  • If you are recovering from an injury. 
  • If you suffer from epilepsy or have a pacemaker. 
  • Cancer or tumour is present. 
  • You get migraines. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vibration Plates & Diarrhea 

Can I use a vibration plate if I have bowel issues? 

Popular vibration plates are very effective for helping patients with bowel issues such as constipation as they can improve your digestion and help food pass through your intestines due to the vibration.

What should I eat before using a vibration plate machine? 

It does not typically matter what food you eat before using your vibration machine as the science behind vibration plates are that they are relatively low-impact, we would suggest waiting to eat at least an hour before your session and avoid heavy meals. 

What are the reasons for vibration exercises? 

Vibration plates are beneficial for weight loss or for people who are looking to improve their posture and build or tone up muscle. 

Could a vibration plate hurt you? 

A vibration plate will unlikely hurt you when used correctly, avoid using cheap vibration plates and go for quality models, never use your machine in excess too.

How long should I be using a vibration plate? 

You should be using a vibration plate for no longer than 30 minutes and around 3-4 times a week. 

When should I not use a vibration plate? 

Even if you use the bestselling vibration machines, you should hold off from using one of these devices if you are suffering from an illness or you are pregnant, do not use one of these devices if you are recovering from an injury too. 

Will a vibration plate help with constipation?

Yes, vibration plates have been reported to successfully help people who suffer from constipation as they help food breakdown and digestion processes through the intestines. 

Final Words 

Overall, there is a very small chance that vibration plates can cause diarrhoea, most of the time this will be caused by another factor and the vibrations from the device might trigger it to happen quickly as it helps moves food through the intestines. 

We would recommend always checking with your doctor before using a vibration plate if you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions and avoid using your device in excess as this could potentially trigger diarrhoea and can have negative health effects. 

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine Sinclair

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