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Can You Use A Vibration Plate With A Hip Replacement? - Read Here

Can You Use A Vibration Plate With A Hip Replacement? – Read Here

Is It Okay To Use a Vibration Plate After Having a Hip Replacement?

After having a hip replacement you might be looking for the best low-impact way to get traditional exercise every day and come across vibration machines. 

Many people might assume that vibration plates are not suitable for people with a hip replacement, but this low-impact exercise can be a great way to strengthen bone mineral density in your pelvic floor and get flexibility back after surgery. 

To find out more about whether or not a vibration plate is safe to use after a hip replacement, other benefits you can get from weeks of vibration exercises and when not use one, we have put together a short guide below. 

Let’s get into it!

Are Vibrations Plates Good For Pelvic Floor & Hip Replacements?

First off, let’s talk about why vibration plates are good for people who have had a hip replacement and your pelvic floor. It has been proven that body vibration exercises in patients who have had hip surgery help circulation which can speed up the healing process more than conventional rehabilitation exercises. 

For people who had a stiff hip before exercise due to surgery or a weak pelvic floor, it can additionally support flexibility. After hip replacements many people get additional weight gain too, a vibration plate can help to burn fat and build bone density levels again. 

Many patients after hip replacements are worried to use body vibration exercises in case it makes the pain worse, but the main exercises to avoid when you have a hip replacement are – 

  • Bending your hips past 90-degrees 
  • Cross one leg over the other one. 
  • Turning your foot inward. 
  • Raising your leg to the side. 

Before undertaking any body vibration exercises after a hip replacement we would recommend checking with your doctor for the all-clear first to prevent any injury or overdoing vibration machine exercises. 

Other Exercise To Try With Hip Replacements 

As well as body vibration exercise, we have listed a few other general approved exercise options you can try after having a hip replacement so as you can get the recommended minutes of exercise you need in each day. 

  • Walking – Walking is low impact and a great way to keep additional weight gain at bay. 
  • Stair climbing – This helps Bone stimulation and rebuild thigh muscle. 
  • Ankle pumps – Helps to strengthen the lower leg and prevent the weakening of bones.

General Benefits Of Using Vibration Plates

Now you know that vibration plates can be good to use post hip replacement, it’s worth checking out all the other health benefits one of these machines can give you, we have listed the main benefits of doing body vibration exercises below. 

  • Helps aid weight loss – Vibration machine exercises have been said to boost metabolism and help to burn fat which can cause weight loss.
  • Muscle tones and builds – The constant contraction of your muscles helps to tone them up and increase your muscle strength.
  • Improves posture and balance – Centring yourself and keeping stable on a vibration plate is not an easy job during body vibration exercises, doing so improves your posture and core balance over time.
  • Improves circulation – Due to the constant vibrations of the device, this helps pump blood and oxygen around your body which can promote healing and immunity.
  • Builds up bone density – Weakening of bones and bone mass loss can happen over time, a vibration plate machine can help re-build this over regular gym exercises.

When Not To Use a Vibration Plate 

Most people can use a vibration plate with little issues, however, there are a few cases in which we would not recommend doing body vibration exercises at all or only with doctors approval. 

  • If you are pregnant. 
  • You have a pacemaker. 
  • Migraine sufferers. 
  • Epilepsy. 
  • Diabetes. 
  • You have had a hip replacement or knee replacement and NOT consulted with your doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Vibration Plate With a Hip Replacement 

Can I use a vibration plate with a knee replacement? 

As long as you have doctors approval there is no reason as to why you can’t use a vibration plate for exercise the same way with a hip replacement. 

Vibration plates for knee replacements offer similar benefits by helping you improve circulation in your body and regain muscle and bone strength. 

Do vibration plates help with knee and hip pain? 

Yes, vibration plates have been proven to reduce knee and hip pain with regular use and can stop you from feeling so stiff while improving flexibility. 

Should I move around on a vibration plate? 

You can perform different exercise positions while on a vibration plate but this may be more limited with a hip replacement. 

How long should I use a vibration plate? 

After a hip replacement, you might want to start with short 15 minute sessions around three times a week then work your way up. 

Can vibration plates speed up hip replacement recovery? 

Yes, it is possible that vibration plates can promote healing as they help with circulation in your body due to the vibration pulses. 

These plates also help you regain bone loss and regain muscle strength if you have not been exercising for a long time beforehand. 

Last Words 

To conclude, you can use a vibration plate for low-impact passive exercise after a hip replacement with doctors approval, these machines have lots of benefits to help speed up the recovery time from your surgery by improving circulation in your boy 

They can also help you to combat any pain and improve flexibility in your whole body with regular use over time. 

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine is a highly skilled physiotherapist who specializes in the field of vibration plate therapy. With extensive knowledge and experience, she has dedicated her career to helping people achieve their health goals through safe and effective methods. Jasmine's passion for vibration plates inspired her to create a site that provides valuable information and resources on this revolutionary form of therapy - Through her site, she aims to educate and empower people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. Jasmine's commitment to her clients and her profession has earned her a reputation as a trusted expert in the field.