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Can Using A Vibration Plate Cause Damage? Find Out Here!

Can Using A Vibration Plate Cause Damage?

As a fitness enthusiast you want to use the best plates you can find and receive its maximum benefit. But you also want to know if using Body Vibration plates can cause damage.

The question of whether vibration plates cause damage remains unanswered.

But, with the multitude of plates on the market and the increasing number of fitness enthusiasts buying vibration plates, it is important to understand the possible long term negative effects on our bones and muscles.

There are some scientifically-backed claims that using vibration plates can cause damage to our bodies, potentially causing injury or even permanent damage to our organs if not properly used.

Though the evidence to back up these claims is anecdotal and inconclusive.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions it is best to consult a medical professional first before using.

When used correctly, a vibration plate can be a great tool to increase your metabolism and burn more calories. But, in some cases, using excessive vibration plates can cause harmful effects to your body  if used incorrectly.

Can you use a vibration plate too much?

Have you ever been injured from using a whole-body vibration machines, or just wish you could be able to use one more?

If so, our article ” Can you use a vibration plate too much ” should give you some answers for informational purposes!

Yes, you can do anything too much, and vibration plates are no exception.

They’re meant to be used frequently, but if you’re overdoing it, they can cause inflammation, damage, and some serious pain.

Yes, you can use a vibration plate too much. But please be aware that some people experience bone density loss or a loss of calcium from their body when using vibration plates.

Vibration plates are great for toning muscles,muscle contraction, improving range of motion, and managing pain, but like any exercise or weight training technique, they can be used too much and can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome..

It’s important to think about the level of vibration you want, and how much weight you are comfortable with.

If your vibration plate is too strong, it could be dangerous and staff in the gym have no responsibility from misuse.

The Effects of Exposure to Vibration

Anyone who spends time on the internet will be no stranger to the buzz of a vibrating device.

Although the effect of vibration on sound seems to be well documented, that’s why we are here to show you some effects of vibration machines on the human body.

Exposure to vibration can help nerve damage and the recovery of damaged nerves.

Vibration therapy is a very effective treatment for pain. The vibrations can be applied to external stimulation, but they are also very effective when applied internally.

Internally, body vibration platform therapy is the most effective treatment for a number of health conditions, including:

  • Reduction of pain
  • Neurological conditions
  • Painful nerve disorder
  • Severe nerve damage
  • Sensory nerve damage
  • Peripheral nerve damage
  • Digestive disorders
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

In the last few years, a number of studies have shown that exposure to vibration therapy devices can improve metabolism, good for weight loss, enhance workout performance, improved blood circulation, and reduce muscle damage.

Researchers have also found that vibration can improve bone strength and protect the joints.

Who Cannot Use Vibration Plates?

There is a growing movement in the world to quit using vibration plates. Some people have health issues, others are just worried about the health implications.

If you want to know more about those who can’t use vibration plates then read on!

Vibration plates are not designed for the sick, disabled and elderly since you are at risk of falls that can cause broken bones.

If you have a broken bone, serious injury, cardiovascular conditions, or taking thinner medications  you should consult a doctor before using a vibration plate.

Also, if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or any other heart or medical issues, you should speak with a fitness professional before using a vibration plate.

Body vibration therapy has common side effects to people with long-term medical conditions and may have adverse risks if exposed to intense vibrations.

Is is best used by Middle-Aged People for 15-20 minutes who have common symptoms such as:

Balance issues, Intense pain, Blood clotting disorder since this will help inccrease the blood flow, improves muscle strength that helps with levels of balance.

Use in Moderation

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance, a weekend warrior looking to make an impression or simply someone who wants to spend less time thinking about time and more time thinking about exercise, vibration plates and other vibration devices can have a very real benefit that isn’t just restricted to the gym.

Vibration plates get a lot of flak for being noisy, but in reality, the amount of vibration they provide is actually not that bad.

The problem with vibration plates is that they are often used for too long, too often, and the problem with that is that they can make your muscles feel sore, and also cause you to overwork your muscles, leading to the muscle soreness we all want to avoid.

They provide moderate-intensity vibration to help stimulate the body for a workout, which requires a lot of endurance in the later stages.

Unfortunately, they can cause injuries, if used to intensively. Not to mention that the vibration can cause a headache if used for too long.

Vibration plates are a way to work your muscles without putting a load on your joints. If you use them properly, the health benefits of vibration plates are endless.

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine is a highly skilled physiotherapist who specializes in the field of vibration plate therapy. With extensive knowledge and experience, she has dedicated her career to helping people achieve their health goals through safe and effective methods. Jasmine's passion for vibration plates inspired her to create a site that provides valuable information and resources on this revolutionary form of therapy - Through her site, she aims to educate and empower people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. Jasmine's commitment to her clients and her profession has earned her a reputation as a trusted expert in the field.