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What Age Can You Use A Vibration Plate? Read Here

What Age Can You Use A Vibration Plate? Read Here

Is There An Age Restriction on Vibration Plates?

Though no specific age range has been verified for vibration plates, they are usually suitable for young teenagers, adults, and older generations.

Whether you exercise at home or at a gym, vibration plates are becoming increasingly popular. But most things have an age limit. To avoid injury, and to get the most out of your exercise, you need to know exactly how old or how young you can be.

This can also be dependent on a wide variety of factors. For this reason, we are going to have a look at 2 very different age groups, and examine when vibration technology may be suitable or unsuitable for that select individual.

Can kids use vibration plates?

The results of vibration on young children are not 100% certain. However, it is generally accepted that kids from the age of 10+ can use vibration plates.

Results can vary depending on each person, and the speed setting is up to your discretion, but it would be a good idea to start your child off on the low setting and see how they do. It is advisable to provide supervision for any child between the ages of 10-16 years old.

The same way an adult might use a vibration plate is exactly the same for a child. You do not need to give them anything to raise the height or alter the machine’s performance in any way.

Vibration plates are recognized as machines designed both for exercise and for therapy. Therefore if your child has certain disabilities then vibration plates might be just what he or she needs to keep their body active and their muscles working.

Some benefits found in children using vibration machines include better coordination, posture, muscle growth, bone growth, and bone reparation.

If you choose to let your child use vibration plates, then please remember to show them how to use them properly. You should also be aware that due to the lack of scientific research in this area, some play it safe and say that you should wait until your child reaches 18 years old.

Are vibration plates suitable for the elderly?

Vibration plates can be a great assist to the aging individual, though a medical professional should always be consulted.

As you get older, your muscles tighten, your flexibility lessens and you can find your movement is restricted. Sometimes even your muscular strength can start to fade. This is why many turn to whole-body vibration. It is not the fountain of youth but it can reverse some of the aging effects that make life difficult.

  • Strength. Vibration plates are a good way to build up lower body strength in aging individuals. Though not too much is known about the effects on upper body strength for older ladies and gentlemen. A huge plus is that It is not too intense and does not last for too long. However, despite this, it activates a wide variety of muscle groups which results in a much more active person.
  • Flexibility. These machines vibrate in such a way so as to contract and relax your muscles repeatedly. Tight muscles are often a reason for decreased mobility and flexibility. Therefore the use of vibration technology can likely make the user more agile though research on this in the aging population is limited.
  • Posture and balance. Based on the design, these vibration plates have been proven to increase posture control and reduce the risk of falling and slipping. This is partially due to the strength increase but also the balance that it encourages through its use.

Vibration plates can make a nice addition to your physical therapy and have a range of benefits to the older population. Due to the varying medical conditions of the elderly population, however, it is always recommended to check with your GP first.

Are there any risks in using vibration plates?

With any exercise, there are also risks. These risks, however, depend on you and your body.

No side effects have been conclusively proven to be linked to vibration plates. With this said, there are reports of some who have suffered through its use. The most common causes of side effects include dizziness, migraines, and aggravation of existing medical conditions.

The usual reason for feeling these side effects can be 1 of 3 things.

  1. Not following the instructions. As with any machine, it is important to follow the guidelines for safe and effective use. If you do not then this can result in injury or discomfort. An example of this is the time limit of 15-20 minutes. If you go beyond the recommended duration then you could be putting yourself at risk.
  2. When you have a medical issue. Not everyone can use vibration plates. Though ideal for most people we recommend that you review our article “Who cannot use vibration plates.” If you have any medical problems you should also get permission from your doctor first.
  3. Because we are all unique. Everyone is special and our bodies react differently to varying situations. It might work great for most people but because our bodies are so independent and particular, it might not work for everyone. Sometimes the only way to know is to try it out and see what your body says.

What are the overall benefits of vibration plates for all ages?

As a machine designed for exercise and therapy, vibration plates are a great tool to lose weight, tone your muscles and improve your general health.

Besides the obvious correlation between exercising and an increased level of welfare, we want to show you exactly how this takes place. Some benefits such as bone growth, posture, balance, muscle growth, and flexibility have already been mentioned. Therefore we are going to focus on the additional benefits that using vibration plates can give you.

  • Losing Weight – Whole body vibration fights the fat in your system. It increases your metabolism, shakes off the pounds, and tones your physique giving you the body you have always dreamed of. It has to be done regularly and combined with a healthy diet plan but the results are clear to see. Vibration technology has also been said to be especially good at lessening your belly fat. You might agree that that is an advantage that not all exercise machines offer.
  • Cardiovascular System – Because the rhythmic vibrations of the vibration plates contract and slacken your muscles it encourages good blood circulation. This improved circulation means a better delivery system for the removal of your body waste. Exercising on a vibration plate, therefore, means less body waste and a healthier running system.
  • Pain Relief – Due to the type of exercise it provides the vibrations have been linked to relieving cramps and some chronic pains. Sciatica is a great example of this as well as many other ongoing pains related to your muscles or your nervous system.
  • Mood Boost – As with a lot of exercises, if you do it regularly it can release positive endorphins and make you feel happier and more energetic. It can help you get a better night’s rest and help you steer clear of depression and anxiety. It will raise your dopamine and serotonin levels and will make you feel better mentally and emotionally.

The benefits of using vibration plates are plain to see. It can help you burn those calories but also fight off negative emotions and enhance your mind and body. Regular use can change your life and give you a more pleasant and enjoyable existence.


If you have kids and you want them to get some exercise, vibration plates can be an ideal solution to get their muscles pumping. If instead, you are getting older and feeling the effects of old age then a vibration machine could do wonders for your general lifestyle.

In either case, we find some similarities in the use of vibration plates whether you are extremely young or relatively old. For example, both parties should receive supervision.

Although the vibration plates are relatively safe compared to most other exercise machines, there is still always a risk of injury. This risk is somewhat higher when you are a young child or an older man/woman.

It is therefore recommended that if you are older, you check with a medical expert first. Someone who knows your medical condition. If the machine is to be used by a young child this would be up to the parent as the research on the long-term effects for minors is limited.

In both cases, the machine can be used not just for exercise but also for those with disabilities or serious health problems. It is as much a therapy machine as it is an exercise machine. However again before using one of these machines you should get a doctor familiar with your health issues to approve it.

A vibration plate machine could be ideal for you or your family. There are some minor exceptions but they are designed to be used by almost any age.

If you need exercise or therapy either for your child or an older individual then vibration plates may be exactly what you are looking for.

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine Sinclair

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