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Vibration Plate Vs Rebounder, Which One Is Better

Vibration Plate Vs Rebounder, Which One Is Better? Find Out Here

Should I Buy a Rebounder Or a Vibration Plate? – Our Comparison Guide!

If your looking for a way to get fit and exercise at home which isn’t too high impact on your joints then you might be stuck between the choice of a rebounder and a vibration plate. 

Both types of devices can aid in weight loss, improve your overall posture and balance and additionally don’t put too much strain on your joints, however, they do come with their advantages and disadvantages to be aware of. 

To understand more about the difference between vibration plates and rebounders as well as the pros and cons of each device, we made a short comparison guide below which help you figure out which exercise equipment is right for you. 

How Do Rebounders Work For Fitness? 

Rebounders are very similar to mini trampolines and operate by you jumping up and down on the device to work out. Rebounders tend to have a smaller size than trampolines themselves and are often created to be more sturdy so as fewer accidents can happen during exercise. 

These rebounders give you a workout due to the up and down jumping motion you perform on the trampoline, they require you to hold your balance when performing different types of exercises such as sprints or leg kicks allows you to focus on different areas of your body. 

Rebounders are similar to mini trampolines but are often built to be safer to perform workouts on, they also come with the option for handlebars so as you can keep yourself more stable as a beginner and stop yourself from falling off and having any injuries. 

How Do Vibration Plates Work For Fitness?

Vibration plates are made up of twin plates that vibrate at your chosen power depending on the intensity chosen, some models come with higher power options while others operate on lower vibration frequencies. 

These plates assist in giving you a total body workout as you have to keep your body balanced while the plate vibrates you, you can choose to make this workout harder by performing exercises during the vibration or just simply stand on the machine. 

Many of these machines additionally come with in-built programmes so as you can choose different powers depending on the area you want to work out on your body and push yourself. 

Vibration Plates VS Rebounders – Which Device Is Better? 

Now we know what exactly vibration plates and rebounders are as well as how they work for fitness purposes, let’s compared both types of exercise equipment below so as we can see which device is better for at-home exercise. 

Vibration Plates 

Let’s start with vibration plates, these devices are great because they give you a total body workout by forcing you to stabilise and clench all of your muscles, this, in turn, tones your muscles and build strength. 

Vibration plates can also improve blood circulation and assist in weight loss as a low-impact exercise. If you suffer from low bone density they can help to rebuild bone mass too as well as increase flexibility in your whole body. 

In comparison to rebounders, there is a lesser chance of having an accident on ones of these plates as your feet don’t even have to leave the plate.

While vibration plates are full of benefits for your health, they do have a few negatives too when compared to rebounders, for example, these machines don’t improve endurance too much in terms of cardio and aren’t as good for exercise as a rebounder is. They can also be on the expensive side. 


  • Tones and builds muscle. 
  • Improves blood circulation. 
  • Help re-build bone loss. 
  • Little chances of accidents. 


  • Can be expensive. 
  • Not great for weight loss. 
  • Does not help in building cardiovascular endurance. 


Rebounders are great in comparison to vibration plates as they allow you to get a full cardio body workout in through the jumping motion and are much better in assisting weight loss 

These trampoline-like devices also help with balance as you have to hold your centre of gravity as you jump. People may find rebounding more engaging and fun than vibration plates as there is more movement involved. 

There are some disadvantages of rebounders to be considered however, there is more chance of getting injured on these devices than vibration plates and they are not as great for muscle toning due to the amount of contractions vibrations give. 

Unlike vibration plate machines, rebounders don’t have varying intensity either which mean although they are best for cardio, you can’t progress levels of strength building. 


  • Better for weight loss. 
  • Builds endurance. 
  • Helps with balance. 
  • Engaging exercise. 


  • No varying intensity. 
  • More chance of injury. 
  • Not the best for toning muscles. 

Conclusion – Which Exercise Device Should I Choose? 

To conclude, if you are looking for an easy to use passive exercise machine which can help you tone up and build bone density, go for a vibration plate machine, however, if you are looking for a particular exercise machine to lose weight with and get some cardio in, a rebounder would be the better choice as you need to put more effort in for the jumping motion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rebounders & Vibration Plates 

How much does a vibration plate cost? 

Depending on the model that you buy and the intensity it comes with, vibration plate machines can vary between a price of £150-£400 with the latter including more features to exercise with.

Are rebounders dangerous? 

Trampolining in general is a little dangerous as a beginner, but rebounders often come with handlebars for extra stability to reduce the chance of having an injury from falling off the device dramatically. 

How much do rebounders cost? 

Rebounders are a little less expensive than vibration plates and don’t tend to cost any more than £200.

Do rebounders tone muscle? 

Rebounders are great for working leg muscles but are not as great for building muscle and toning as you can’t vary the intensity of the exercise like you can do with a vibration plate. 

Is a vibration plate or a rebounder better for weight loss? 

A rebounder is the better option for weight loss and cardio as it requires you to jump up and down, on vibration plates it is mostly passive exercise instead so does not burn as many calories and burn fat. 

Final Words 

To conclude, both a vibration plate and rebounder have numerous health benefits for personal fitness, whether you are looking to help with circulation in your body or burn fat.

We would recommend choosing a rebounder if you want to build endurance and cardio levels and a vibration plate if you want muscle tone and more of a passive exercise. Do ensure you buy a rebounder with handlebars if you are a beginner use for more stability. 

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine Sinclair

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